The Role of the Wasp, What Do Wasps Do?

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The common wasp (Vespa Vulgaris)

All wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera, together with bees, ants, and several other different insect species. Whereas wasps appear much like bees at first look, they differ in physique form and nesting habits and sport a wider number of colours.

The place bees have a rounded stomach, wasps’ abdomens are pointed, they usually have a narrower waist space between the thorax and stomach. Additionally, they use chewed up wood fibres or mud to make a papery or concrete-like nest, whereas bees make nests from a wax that they secrete. Wasp colours vary from yellow and black (like bees) to brilliant pink and even metallic blue. Solely about 33,000 species of wasps sting, and of these, solely the females have stingers. Like bees, they’re energetic in the summertime months.

Vespa Vulgaris

Nature’s Pest Controllers

An unknown reality is that wasps are nature’s pest controllers. When they don’t seem to be busy stinging us or constructing their nests inside our properties or workplaces, they’re busy preying on the bugs and parasites that may injury crops and different vegetation. Many species of wasp are the pure predators of numerous bugs, thus serving to to maintain pest populations low. Wasps take these undesirable pests from our gardens and parks and produce them again to their nest as a tasty meal for his or her younger.

Different species of wasp are parasitic, which nonetheless lends us a hand in pest management. It’s famous that parasitic wasps use dwelling host topics reminiscent of spiders and caterpillars to put their eggs in. As soon as the eggs have hatched the larvae feed on the dwelling host from the within out. We expect we’ll go away this kind of pest management to the wasps!

Skilled Wine Makers

Wasps are superb, skilled little winemakers. They contribute to the yeast content material present in grapes. A examine carried out on the College of Florence has proven that wasps present an appropriate nesting space inside their stomachs throughout winter, particularly the saccharomyces cerevisiae fungus used to make wine, beer and bread. That is executed by wasps feeding on one of their favourite snacks, late-season grapes, that are naturally wealthy in yeast. The yeast is saved within the wasp’s abdomen over the winter the place it’s then handed down genetically to its young in addition to the meals it regurgitates to feed them. The brand new batch of wasps then transfers the yeast to the subsequent season’s grapes.

The wasps are attracted to the sweetness of the blueberries

Significance of Wasps

The necessity for wasps can’t be overstated. They serve many essential ecological roles, together with pollination, pest management, and decomposition. In truth, one sort of wasp singlehandedly retains figs alive. Figs have an uncommon, closed flower. To be able to pollinate a fig, the fig wasp has to crawl contained in the flower, the place it deposits pollen and lays its eggs. Wasps are additionally accountable for the survival of almost 100 species of orchids, the flowers of which mimic feminine wasps in order that male wasps will land on them, selecting up pollen after they do. Wasps pollinate many different crops as nicely. Solely wasp larvae eat bugs and spiders. The adults depend on nectar and aphid honeydew or different meals excessive in sugar content material, together with a sugary fluid that larval wasps make. Because the larvae develop up, wasps should look farther afield for sustenance. Their seek for sugar has made them the uninvited and undesirable visitor at many picnics. Nonetheless, as they journey from flower to flower choosing nectar, these useful wasps additionally acquire and deposit pollen.

Though some wasps, particularly males, are a fan of a spot of nectar, as an insect group wasp, with some exceptions, aren’t thought to be pollinators. Some species of wasp are recognized to be potential and environment-friendly pollinators, serving to contribute to the pollination of a number of plant species.


Whereas we could not love wasps as a consequence of their ubiquity within the months once we need to take pleasure in ourselves exterior, they’re essential to life as we realize it. They’re simply as vital as bees when it comes to pollination. They present much-needed pest management providers. Additionally, they could also be one other weapon in our arsenal in opposition to most cancers. The next time you see one fly by and feel the need to swat at it, take into consideration how mandatory they are, and perhaps let it go on its merry little way.

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